Race for Education



The Race for Education was a success! We raised $9,288.20.  Thank you to all the families who sent in labels, donated stamps, and volunteered.  We received $361 and 15 books of stamps from the postage stamp request.  This helped immensely to offset the cost of postage when mailing out the mailers.  There was over 1,600 mailers that went out.  We also added a PayPal button on the PTO website as a way to donate.

“Race” day was great!  The kids had a wonderful time running/walking laps and dancing to music. A HUGE thanks to DJ Frank Prest for donating his time and playing music for the kids, they LOVED it!  A popsicle and water was given to all students that participated in the race! All prizes have been given out to the children and classes. We gave treasure box prizes, extra recess and chewing gum cards, movie and popcorn parties, a pizza party, an ice cream party with Mrs. Bednarek, and gift cards.  These were given as an incentive for bringing in labels.  The mailing labels are a key part of our fundraiser, without these this would not have been possible.

We also reached out to local businesses to join in our fundraiser to support our school. Please remember their generosity and let them know it is truly appreciated. We received $300 in donations from these businesses below: (included in the total $ that we raised mentioned above)

We are hoping to do this fundraiser every fall.  Please remember that the support from our Ross families in sending in their mailing labels is what makes this fundraiser successful.  The response from family and friends was fantastic!  If you would like to see who sponsored your child, their folder will be available at our PTO meetings.  Most of the mailers sent out were returned with generous donations in support of our school.  Please be sure to thank friends and family that donated to our fundraiser, this would not have been possible without their support, or yours!!


Melissa Lukavitch and Nancy Walsh

PTO Race Coordinators


Thank you for your cooperation and support.